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Sami Ismail, MSc

Partner - Marketing & Strategy Consulting

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8+ years in digital marketing, marketing research and tech startups, having worked with high-profile marketing agencies and clients within GCC and MENA region.

Conducted 140+ marketing research and consulting projects in KSA, UAE, Syria, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Bahrian, Oman, Canada, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden.

Manages a monthly marketing budget of $26,000, for tech, ecommerce and retail companies in GCC.

MSc in Marketing and a B.Sc. in Human Resources

Specializing in Marketing Analysis and Strategy, Business Planning and Digital Marketing Advisory


Imran Almaleh

Partner - Investments & Strategy Consulting

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Dynamic career in Real Estate Investment Management, along with Equity investment and Portfolio management, reflecting pioneering experience and excelling performance.

Managing investments with a contrarian / value focused investment strategy, exploiting market inefficiencies and mis-pricing in a multitude of asset classes and geographies: UAE, KSA and Turkey.

A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program candidate and a B.Sc. in Financial Management.

Specializing in Investment Analysis, Feasibility Study and Real Estate Development Advisory